Saturday, January 3, 2009

Donating Blood - eight weeks later

Today is my scheduled appointment for donating blood. I gave blood 8 weeks ago at my church's blood drive. I almost passed out so I set a goal of taking better care of myself so didn't pass out this time. Well passing out wasn't even an issue because they couldn't get the blood flowing :(
They tried and I didn't freak out that 3 technitions were messing with both of my arms. I did really well using controlled breathing to manage the situation. They kept asking if I was okay. "I'm breathing" I serious felt like saying "I'm doing my job, you do yours". Well the needle got a clog and long story short that was the end of my donating for the day. I can try again when my bruise heals - thanks guys! My donating buddy was able to give blood so next time I have to go it alone :(
The cool thing is that they were doing a special promotion - that I was unaware of - I got a $10 grocery store gift card. It is one that has a Starbucks in it!

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Brooke said...

good for you! i tried twice. the first time made me sick (i have blood pressure issues) and the 2nd time was just messy (long story).

i'm glad that people like you care enough to work to give blood :)