Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mood Charting

Daily charting is a huge part of my maintenance plan. It helps me to keep an over all picture of how I am doing. It is Nov 9th and I have not printed out my chart for this month. This is a problem. However I'm going to choose to accept that I can't fix the last 9 days. Right now I'm printing it out and will get back on track. Holidays and a family situation are going to make the next months challenging. Charting is what will give me the first indication that something is wrong and that I need to get more help.

Donating Blood

Yesterday my church hosted a blood drive. I had a busy afternoon ahead with an activity for the girls in the T&T AWANA club. I left the house got a cup of coffee and headed over to the church. Does anyone see a problem with this? Didn't eat breakfast. I was willing to give others blood, but didn't stop to take care of myself. As a result I almost passed out. I am glad that I donated blood and will probably do it again. However it really highlighted a personal issue of mine that has been a struggle lately. Taking care of myself (personally and my family) vs. helping other people. The most common opportunity in my circle of friends is making meals for new moms. This is a great ministry that I have benefited from personally. My question to myself is what good is it to help another person while my home is not what it needs to be for my family. There are sometimes that I will be able to take that meal to someone. There are times that I need to only focus on my family. There are other times that it is all I can do to get up in the morning. It is all about balance. This is true for everyone. For me it is a matter of my mental health. If things get unbalanced I can go down hill.
1. Have my house ready by Nov 17th when I'm having people over. This will help me have my house in order before the holiday are in full swing.
2. Be ready to make a meal for the next new mom. I'm going to have to skip the mom that just had a baby last week. I am confident that enough people will sign up.
3. Be in a place where I can donate blood in 8 weeks.