Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you Zumba?

I welcome the new readers who clicked over from Works for Me Wednesday.

Regular reader of this blog know about my life with Bipolar Disorder. For me exercise is not just a New Year's resolution - it is a key component in keeping my mental health stable. I have challenged myself to workout 210 minutes a week (the equivalent of 30 minutes per day). What works for me is adding a Zumba class to my work out twice a week. Zumba is like a dance party at the gym. It has merengue, salsa, hip-hop, mambo and other dance included in the workout. This Zumba website has locations of Zumba classes.

When I leave Zumba I feel tired, but my outlook on life is always better. I feel better about myself. This is definitely something I need during the hard winter months when it is easy to curl up and isolate myself. My gym is right around the corner and I am making friends that I look forward to seeing every week.


Wanda said...

Great idea. Good luck with that. It can be so hard to make yourself go to any workout....
I pray you stick with it!

Anonymous said...

Exercise is such a mood booster! I struggled with anxiety a lot while in college (still do a bit, but not nearly as badly now that I don't have homework), and my doctor recommended exercise as a way to release a lot of that. It worked surprisingly well, and I'm hooked! Hope the same happens for you!