Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have challenged myself to goto the gym everyday this year. At first I called it a resolution, but the more I thought about it challenge is a better term for this endeavor. While I do resolve to workout in 09 the challenge gives the resolution a backbone. So far I have made it 6 out of 6 days. Yesterday was the hardest. I really procrastinated til the last hour that the gym was open. Today I plan to go in the evening after AWANA at church. I like working out after a crazy night at church.

Update: My streak is now 7 out of 7 days - 280 minutes.

I added the minutes because technically I COULD walk into the gym and walk out and say that I went to the gym. My personal meaning of 'going to the gym' is atleast 30 mintues on the treadmill.


Brooke said...

congrats!! :)

Alaina said...

Great job...we are on week two and loving it. Keep it up!