Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lamictal Generic

I barely got any warning from my medical insurance company that they would be switching me over to generic Lamictal. Definitely not enough time to schedule an appointment with my doctor. I didn't even think about doing that until I looked up other people's experiences with the switch.

It has been a week. My side effects have been dry mouth worse than normal and the twitches returning. My mood has been fine as far as I can tell. I have felt more out of it than usual. However it is really difficult to tell if the 'out of it' feeling is from the medicine change or the odd two weeks.

I went to Chicago MLK weekend. It was a whirlwind trip, but I had Monday planned as a recovery day since DH was home for the federal holiday. Then in that two week period DH was off 4 days for the holiday and then snow. That completely threw off the schedule of our whole family. DH is a 8-5er M-F. He likes things to be normal. Being home for no good reason was driving him crazy. We have all wheel drive so he could have made it, but the base commander "closed" the base giving everyone a 'duty-free' day.

Also in this time period I had a panic attack at church. I had forgotten to pick up Bekah and I was devistated that I would do that. I have a hard time recovering from these attacks and I hate it that I react this way. I accept that it is part of my disease. I used my tools and worked it out with minimal attention to myself.

Until today I was feeling the side effect subsiding. The dry mouth and twitches are still lessening. However last night I forgot to take my meds. This doesn't happen often. I have a good system in place, but forgetting does happen. DH woke me up this morning as soon as he saw that my medicine container had Tuesday's meds still in them. I take all my meds at night right before bed. None of these cause sleepiness, but I believe that my body equates meds to 'its time to goto sleep.' It makes for a hard day. The last time I wasn't able to function and thankfully DH came home that day and then passed BB off to my mom. Today I'm more functional, but I did ask DH to come home for lunch to feed her while I did two errands that had to be done today. I just didn't have what it took to take BB with me. Plus I was able to do both in less than 30 minutes.

Tonight I hope for a good night sleep and to wake up tomorrow refreshed and back on track.

Despite my 'out of it' feeling I have actually made some accomplishments today:
- finished a bib for a baby shower tomorrow.
- put away craft stuff
- put away scrapbooking stuff
- hung up baby clothes that I bought for several showers coming up.
- now I'm catching up on my blogs

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