Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January - a month in review

At the beginning of the month - also the beginning of the year - I challenged myself to go to the gym every day. Then I refocused my challenge on getting to the gym 210 minutes a week - the equivalent of 30min/7 days. So did I do it? YES I did. I have found that Zumba has become my favorite workout. I try to take the class the 2 times that it is offered.

The result of this month's success in my challenge is -3lbs. Watching Biggest Loser 3 lbs seems so small. But I think they workout about 6 hours a day. That is not going to happen. The contestants who go home and try for the $100,000 put in alot of gym time as well. So I am proud of my -3lbs.

I will continue my workout challenge. My next challenge is to take out caffeine and Ambien. The correlation between drinking caffeine and needing Ambien for me is significant. I have been waiting to try Bob Evan's new coffee drink. I'll get that pleasure Friday morning. It is my intension for that to mark the end of my caffeine. Doesn't that sound a little Marti gras? I'm purposely doing this before Lent, because I'm doing this for mental/physical health reason and not for the purpose of drawing closer to God.

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