Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keeping up with Medication during the Holidays

I have a good track record of being on top of my medications. I was not concirned that I missed a dose on Saturday night. These things happen and you take the medication as soon as you remember as long as it isn't too close to the next dose. That situation was handled easly. Last night I again forgot to take my medicine. I remember laying in a comfortably situated in the bed. There was a vague feeling that I had forgotten it so the intern struggle of getting out the comfortable bed began. I woke up this morning and stay in bed side won the argue. So I got out of bed and too my medication. Today's reaction wasn't as kind as Saturdays. I was no with it enough to take care of my daughter so I my mom for help with BB for the afternoon. I cried. I don't like not being able to take care of BB on my own. I think that I made the best decision for m and BB. I'm thankful that my mom was able to bring BB to the errand she need to run for the day. I am thankful that BB who doesn't know the medical terms to my illness does understand that mommy is sick and sometime doesn't feel well. She see me taking my daily medication and we tell her it is to keep mommy health. BB knew she was going to Grandma's because I needed to take care of myself. I'm starting to feel better and we have implemented a back-up alarm for my medications.

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