Thursday, September 4, 2008

Successful 1st night of AWANA

Last night was the first night of AWANA club at our church. If you are not familiar with AWANA is a gospel based children's club for children 3-years-old to 6th grade. I am the co-director for the girls 3-6 grades. The director is under the commander of the whole AWANA program and over the leaders in the 3-6 grade. I have been working together with the other directors during the summer to get ready for last night (and the entire club year). Our leaders are amazing and most have been in AWANA longer than me....some 10, 15 and 20 years! My co-director is one of my biggest supporters with my bipolar. It is exciting to be able to successful work in a children's ministry at church within the limits of what I can handle. I don't do nursery - EVER! The people who know this are the coordinators that head the program so it isn't a big deal to them. They would rather I not get stressed out an freak out in nursery. In AWANA I'm responsible for the adults leaders. I'm responsible for the background work that isn't seen most of the time, but has to be done for club to run smoothly. I am going to continue to learn so much from the leaders who have been doing AWANA for many years and also are raising godly children. My job is to make their only responsibility on Wednesday nights investing in their clubbers lives. That is why they are in AWANA in the first place.

To summarize last night and my feeling the next day. I feel like last night was a success both as a club and personally. I feel energized and ready to work on my next AWANA project. That is one important key in life - do what energizes you and stop doing things that suck the life out of you.

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